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About us

Jiangsu Ruifeng Polymer Materials Co., Ltd.(Taizhou Ruibai Chemical Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2009. We are located in Taizhou city of Jiangsu Province with very convenient transportation network around. With the business goal of "Products and service both are the first choices of customers", RUIBAI is devoted to the production and distribution of Methyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, Glacial Acetic Acid and Methylene Chloride, etc. At present, we annually sell more than 100,000 tons of products in the markets of Europe, USA, Latin America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, etc. Our business is experiencing rapid development, and we are working on the research, development and manufacturing of more valued-added new synthesis materials in brand-new technologies.


With unique synthetic method, we have the good ability to produce quality products with features as higher purity over 99.95% and much lower impurities-low content of acid and alcohol, zero-benzene and clean, etc.; therefore, our products can fully meet the demands of adhesive, ink, coating and PU resin industry for solvent, but also meet the demands of bio-pharmaceuticals, pesticide and petroleum industry with high requirements; with the leading synthesis, separation, purification patented technology, we are able to make production in more professional way and lower consumption, thus our products are more competitive; relying on advanced technology and equipment, automatic control system for whole process, we are able to test raw materials and finished products for many times to ensure quality is stable and reliable. Our factory is located at the bank of Changjiang River in the middle of Jiangsu province, thus we enjoy the advantages of transportation of gold waterways; plus good capacity of our company on warehouse, we are able to sell products into the markets of coastal regions and riverside areas of China, as well as the international market.


We will continue to provide the core value to the whole industry chain, introduce outstanding talent, explore the channels of importing raw materials, expand the channels of selling products, provide more satisfactory service for all partners, create more value for the society and realize the dream of more staffs!